Majda Halabi Marie | This Field We Call Home

Majda Halabi Marie | This Field We Call Home

Curator: Adi Yekutieli

The more personal a story we tell, the more universal it will be

Majda Halabi Marie’s personal familial story is also an important story in the history of the region—a universal account of occupation, borders, separation of families, and changing identities that transformed many people’s human history forever.

Halabi Marie was born and lives in Majdal Shams. After the town was occupied in the Six-Day War, the border with Syria was drawn just outside of it. This left many families split, their members resettling on opposite sides of the frontier. With immense courage and sensitive and surprising creativity, Halabi Marie retells the story of her family since that traumatic and dramatic human event that began in her grandparents’ and parents’ generation and continues to impact the generations of their children and grandchildren. In this exhibition, Halabi Marie invites seven of her siblings—themselves, too, artists in their own way—to take part. She asks each of them to recount their personal memory of that tragedy, and to create their own artwork based on those memories. Halabi Marie then responds to each of them iin her own unique, sensitive, and attentive way.

In this special exhibition, Halabi Marie tell a visual story in ten acts. She unfurls multidisciplinary works in the gallery hall, such as a narrative that imagines a minefield, its lethal ordnance laying on the ground and demarcating the path that we, the viewers, must take cautiously, mindful of every step as we contemplate and experience the human story. This exceptional viewing experience provokes thoughts and reflections about the impossible human reality in the minefield that we inhabit, the one that each of us calls home.