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The Pais Council for the Culture and Arts, in conjunction with the Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery, hereby invites artists to present their candidacy for participation in the Pais Art and Design Accelerators program. The program was conceived in response to the challenges of the coronavirus and with the intention of allowing artists and designers to continue their creative endeavors within a protective professional, budgetary, and social setting even as the cultural world has ground to a halt and museums are closed.


The program consists of eight accelerators at museums and galleries around Israel.


The Pais Art Accelerator offers artists a framework for producing new work with professional support, an ILS 40,000 grant (including VAT) per artist/designer, and a group exhibition. The grant is meant to cover the artist’s fee and the materials he or she needs to produce new work. It will be remitted by Payis directly to the artists.


The Wadi Accelerator will be run by the Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery and will host five young artists from Arab society. It will begin to operate in May 2021 and will last approximately eight months.


The Accelerator Program

The program will operate on two parallel and complementary tracks:


1. Joint conceptual development of a group exhibition that will open at the Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery in January 2022, for which each participant will produce a new work of art.

2. Imparting tools for professional development in cognizance of conditions in the field in their social, political, and economic contexts.


The accelerator program will consist of a series of encounters that will take place on Friday morning approximately once every three weeks, alternately held at the Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery and on Zoom. The first encounter will take place on May 21, 2021; the full schedule of the other encounters will be forthcoming. The encounters will be modeled on peer learning, group work, paired study, and personal facilitation by the project’s facilitators. They will also include meetings with locally active curators and artists.


The accelerator will emphasize practical study of the professional and production facets of the artist’s working processes and their integration into the creative process. Within the framework of the program and as part of the work leading up to the exhibition, participants will gain experience in working practices such as writing project proposals (budget, schedule, etc.), explaining their work orally and in writing, assembling a professional portfolio, creating a digital presence (web site, Facebook, Instagram), lining up support, presenting themselves in response to calls, and developing a professional network.


* The program will be held in Arabic and Hebrew.


Accelerator activity begins: May 21, 2021.

Accelerator activity ends: February 2022.

Final exhibition: January 2022.


Artists may present their candidacy for up to two accelerators and may participate in one accelerator only.


Artists who present their candidacy and are accepted by two accelerators will have to choose one.


Minimum conditions for candidacy:


1. The artists shall present only one application to the Pais Council for Art and Culture in 2021. Importantly, an artist who applies for an accelerator may not apply for a grant under the Calls that the Pais Council issued in January 2021 (Catalogue Grant, Artist’s Books, and so on).


2. The artist must have presented at least one solo exhibition and participated in at least four group exhibitions. Designers who present their candidacy for the accelerator at the Design Museum Holon must prove that they participated in at least four group exhibitions.

3. The artist must undertake to participate in all accelerator activities in accordance with the program and the schedule that the cultural organization that runs the accelerator shall determine. The Wadi Accelerator program will begin in May 2021 and last until February 2022.


4. The artist must be a citizen of Israel.


5. The program is meant for artists from Arab society who completed their academic studies within the past eight years.


6. Registration is open to artists in all media (sculpture, performance, video, painting, photography, sound, etc.). 


How to present your candidacy:


To submit your candidacy, please send the following (in either Hebrew or English):

1. Personal information: full name, date of birth, place of residence, email address, and telephone number.

2. A photocopy of your I.D. card.

3. A professional curriculum vitae, including a list of solo and group exhibitions in which you participated, noting the date, place, and title of each exhibition.

4. A portfolio of works: 10–20 images of works created in the past five years, along with their titles, year, technique, and measurements. For video and performance works, provide a link where they may be viewed.

5. A brief text explaining why you are interested in participating in the program and what you hope to attain by doing so (up to 200 words).


Please send all of the above in the listed order as a single PDF file (max. 8MB), with your full name mentioned in the file name. 

Applications should be sent to: projects@ummelfahemgallery.org

Please write in the email’s subject line “WADI Accelerator” and your full name.


Artists will be chosen on the basis of artistic quality, diversity of artistic media, continuous activity in the professional field since completing studies, and the extent of the professional contribution that the accelerator can make to their advancement.

Selection committee: Anisa Ashkar, Layan AsSayed, Nogah Davidson, Said Abu Shakra and Nurit Tamir. 

Deadline for submission of candidacy: March 10, 2021.


To download submission instructions: Click Here

For questions and further information about the Wadi Accelerator, visit projects@ummelfahemgallery.org

Good luck!