Hunak Hōn! / Over there is over here!
Private homes in Umm el-Fahem hosting art exhibitions

The Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery and the Green Tapestry Wadi ‘Ara Association invite you to partake of a unique and fascinating artistic and cultural journey. Some thirty artists, Jewish and Arab, from the Wadi ‘Ara area and elsewhere, came together for a joint process of discovery and artistic creation. The fruits of what they’ve done will be presented in a series of exhibtions in private homes of residents of Umm el-Fahem.

You are invited to visit the residents’ homes and enjoy the exhibitions along with an intimate, unmediated encounter with the hosts and the local customs, language, and culture, every Saturday 18 July - 29 August (excluding August 1st, Eid al-Adha).

To sign up for guided tours (with fee and advance registration), click here: Green Tapestry.

Curator: Lilach Tsifroni

Participating artists: Fouad Agbaria, Jannat Amara-Natour, Salwa Alnmer, Iris Afek, Yorak Afek, Tal Blumenau, Avivit Ballas Baranes, Adham Jabarin, Atar Geva, Tsivi Geva, Lihie Gendler Talmor, Hadass Gertman, Ruti Singer, Hani Khatib, Inbal Timor, Ronit Gurewitz, Muhammad Kalash, Buthina Abu Milhem, Daniella Meller, Maria Saleh Mahameed-Habiballah, Faten Elawi, Soha Faroja, Noa Sheizaf, Fatma Shanan, Farid Abu Shakra, Yael Toren

Special thanks to the people who opened their hearts and homes to us: Farid and Reem Abu Shakra, Manar and Fouad Agbaria, Amir, Afaf and Mahmoud Jabarin, Rana and Said Jabareen, Ludmilaand Saleh Mahameed, Manal and Mahmoud Karaman.

Special gratitude to Shireen Mahajna, Nurit Tamir and Adham Jabareen for mobilizing and seeing to the minute details.