The Umm el-Fahem art gallery hosted a closed seminar titled: “Oral history, Memory and Art”. The seminar took place on 20-23 of February 2012 and was part of an effort to become a member of the Israeli Archive and Information Association. The seminar which was produced in cooperation with AISO (the Italian Association of Oral history) addressed questions pertaining oral history, archives and art.

The objective of the seminar was to bring together researchers from Italy, Switzerland, France and Israel who are studying various fields relating to the gallery’s areas of activity, i.e. art, culture, archive management and oral history.


The seminar included sessions dealing with such various subjects, as oral history and testimony, oral history and nation building, gender and social aspects of oral history, photography and testimony, creating stories/narratives and building archives, art and history.

The speakers included: Alessandro Portelli, Pierre Hazan, Kais Firro, Ismail Abu-Saad, Rawda Makhoul, Gabriella Gribaudi, Alain Blum and more. Addressing the line where oral history and art meet spoke Israeli researchers, curators and photographers, among them Tal Ben-Zvi, Rona Sela, Guy Raz, ‘Ammar Younis, Sa’id Abu Shakra and Shai Aloni.

The seminar was organized by Raya Cohen (Federico II university, Naples) and Mustafa Kabaha, head of the History, Philosophy, and Jewish studies department in the Open University and the academic advisor and manager for the Umm el-Fahem art gallery’s archive.

The seminar’s production was made possible thanks to the kind support of the Italian Cultural Institutes in Tel Aviv and Haifa and the Swiss embassy in Israel.